Hardware Resale

Skilled integration of client-based solutions

In many cases Fusion offers referrals to hardware solutions but in specific cases, Fusion Tech Solutions supplements it's staffing services by providing world-class hardware products from gold-standard manufacturers including storage, cooling, computers and related products. Our A-graded servers, workstations, tablets and accessories are sourced from top companies such as Cisco Systems and Apple, Inc.

Custom Solutions for Optimal Efficiency

We work closely with our clients to identify the right products and components that best meet their needs. After working with clients on a personal case-by-case basis and determining next steps, we conduct a thorough review of a clients existing systems and integrating dynamic solutions with an eye towards anticipating future growth.

Whether your are looking for a total solution to your IT needs, a system upgrade or workstations and products to enhance your existing systems, we are dedicated to providing high performance and cost-effective solutions that add value to your enterprise